Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

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pros and cons of permanent dentures

Your teeth are not built to last forever, especially if you haven’t been meticulous about taking care of them or have medical issues that affect them. Having a working set of teeth is very important in everyday life, and if you lose them, it can make things difficult.

Removable or partial dentures are not always going to be the best option for everyone. They can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, plus they require a lot of care. Permanent dentures are there for good, and although they require just as much care, they will feel like a regular part of your mouth after time. Before looking for a practice to acquire dentures near you, it is key to understand their pros and cons.

How Are Permanent Dentures Fit?

When you start the process of obtaining permanent dentures, you must understand that there is some surgery involved. Your jaw will be X-rayed and they will designate four spots, front and back, to place anchoring posts. These will slowly fuse with your jaw and be responsible for connecting and holding your new dentures. While it is a minor surgical procedure, there is still going to be some recovery time involved.

Pro: Faster and Less Invasive

There are numerous replacement options that your dentist in Toronto may go over when you contact them. Permanent dentures are a great choice for anyone who wants a less invasive approach without as much recovery time. Compared to having traditional dental implants installed, permanent dentures will be done much quicker and be easier to bounce back from.

Pro: Less Hassle

Traditional dentures have always been a bit of a hassle for users, as they need consistent cleaning and maintenance. You also need to take these teeth in and out throughout your day, which can be an inconvenience at the best of times. Permanent dentures certainly need proper cleaning and maintenance, but it is going to be far less work and inconvenience for you.

Pro: They Last

If you are going to make an investment, especially in your dental health, you are going to want to know it is going to be worth it. Permanent dentures in Toronto are built to last and stay functioning for many years to come. As long as you take care of your investment, it is going to pay dividends in the future. Visit a dental clinic near you and they can show you exactly how good of an investment dentures in Toronto can be.

Con: They May Leave You Vulnerable

This is not something that most people getting permanent dentures are going to need to worry about, but it is still a possibility. If you don’t take proper care of your new teeth or are susceptible to infection in other ways, permanent dentures can leave your gums vulnerable. When you decide to undergo this procedure, it is essential that you do all of the extra work that comes with it.

Con: They Can Be Costly

Comparing the cost alone, permanent dentures are going to run you a fair bit more than traditional ones. This has a lot to do with the technology, procedures, and materials used in the process. Yet, if you are looking for something that is customized uniquely to your mouth, permanent is definitely the way to go.

Permanent Dentures Could Be for You

If you have found yourself trying to figure out what to do about missing or broken teeth, it is pertinent to consider permanent dentures. While there is some surgery, recovery time, and extra costs, the benefits are going to far outweigh the costs. Take the time to talk to a dentist in Toronto and they will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.