Teeth Whitening Near You

Are you looking to receive teeth whitening in Toronto? Over time, your teeth can become discoloured, but whitening procedures provided by your dentist can eliminate stains for a brighter and healthier-looking smile. This cosmetic dental service has continued to grow in popularity. While there are alternatives to professional teeth whitening in Toronto, ON M6H 3Y9, such as over-the-counter products, in-office whitening is the most effective, efficient and safest bleaching method. If you’re looking for teeth whitening near you that will help you achieve a dazzling smile you’ll want to show off, we’re the practice for you.

teeth whitening in toronto

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Brilliance?

Why do teeth lose their brilliance? As your teeth age, their enamel becomes more porous, allowing for more staining. Eating and drinking acidic foods can also speed up this process. Smoking, red wine, and coffee contribute to the yellowing of your teeth. We offer in-office options for professional teeth whitening that is convenient and pain-free. If you think that you would like a brighter, whiter smile, call us today to inquire about your options for teeth whitening in Toronto, ON M6H 3Y9.

Reasons to Choose Teeth Whitening

In addition to being a straightforward process that removes unwanted discoloration, receiving professional teeth whitening near you comes with several advantages, including the following:

  • Your treatment is tailored to remedy your unique dental case. People’s teeth are all different, and your dentist will make sure that your treatment reflects the desired shade of white you want.
  • It’s safe! All dentists are trained to perform this process so you’re in capable hands the entire time. Not to mention the amount of bleach that’s applied to your teeth is carefully controlled.
  • The results last longer! Especially compared to DIY treatments.
  • Your smile will be brighter. After your appointment, you’ll visibly see the difference.
  • It’ll boost your self-esteem!

To learn more about this, get in touch with our local dentist in Toronto today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Receiving Teeth Whitening Near You

Our dental office offers professional teeth whitening in Toronto to enhance your smile by brightening your teeth three to eight shades. It is a quick, simple, and immediate solution to improve both your confidence and oral health. After your initial consultation, if you are eligible for teeth whitening, we will thoroughly clean your teeth and proceed to whiten your teeth. After you receive teeth whitening, ensure you properly take care of your teeth to prolong your results! Avoid acidic and dark-coloured foods that can stain your teeth. When you consume them, be sure to rinse your mouth immediately. Daily flossing and brushing will also help to maintain your results.

Give yourself a dazzling new smile in as little as an hour. If you’re looking for teeth whitening near you, schedule a consultation with our dental office to see if you are an ideal candidate. At Bloor Landsdowne Dental, we provide teeth whitening in Toronto.


If you are looking for a way to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results, professional teeth whitening may be the right solution for you. Professional teeth whitening treatments are administered by dentists and are designed to safely and effectively brighten teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is extremely effective. In fact, it is the most effective way to achieve dramatic results. However, there are a few things you should know about teeth whitening before you book an appointment.

The solution used to whiten teeth can vary depending on the severity of the staining. Sometimes, a simple cleaning with toothpaste and water can be all that is needed. However, if the staining is more severe, a professional may need to be consulted.

Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching the teeth to make them appear whiter. The degree of whiteness will depend on the severity of the stains and the length of time the whitening treatment is applied. In general, teeth will stay white for about 6 months after whitening.