Rescuing Your Smile With a Root Canal

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rescuing your smile with a root canal

What do you think of when you hear the words root canal? Every root canal dentist in Toronto knows what many people think. Painful. Root canals have a reputation for being painful. So painful that many people shrink from the very notion that a root canal could help them… painlessly.

Your dental clinic in Toronto wants you to know the truth about modern root canal procedures using advanced techniques and technology. Don’t let outdated and misguided myths and misconceptions about root canal therapy stand between you and a healthier smile. Here’s the word that your root canal dentist in Toronto wants you to think of when you hear the words root canal: rescue.

Root canal in Toronto can rescue your tooth

You shouldn’t give up your natural teeth easily and unless it’s absolutely necessary. Is it possible that a badly damaged or infected tooth may need to be extracted? Yes, but only as a very last resort. Root canal therapy is an alternative to extraction that saves thousands of teeth every year from unnecessary extraction. If you’re concerned about losing a tooth or a gap in your smile, root canal therapy is the solution.

Root canal treatment in Toronto can rescue you from pain

If you’re even considering root canal treatment — or if someone has suggested you look into it — you’re probably already experiencing the shocking and mind-altering pain of an infected tooth. You’ve heard that root canal therapy is painful. It’s not true. Modern root canal treatment in Toronto is painless. Not only is it painless, it actually removes the pain that you’re already suffering. A root canal may be the key to a pain-free mouth for the first time in too long.

Some of the fear related to root canal procedures comes from not knowing what’s involved. We want to clear up that mystery and try to assuage those fears. Here are the five steps to a pain-free root canal procedure.

● Your root canal dentist in Toronto will use modern imaging technology to get pictures of your infected tooth to develop a treatment plan.

● We will numb your infected tooth and gums with a mild anesthetic so that the root canal procedure will be painless.

● We will use modern and precise dental instruments to remove the infected tissue and nerves — called pulp — from the inside of your tooth through a small hole.

● After clearing and cleaning the inside of your mouth, we’ll seal up your infection-free tooth to prevent re-infection.

● To provide extra strength and a fully functional tooth, we may place a custom-fit dental crown on your tooth.

Once you’ve recovered from the root canal, you’ll have a fully functional tooth without the need for any extraction or implant. The only thing missing will be the pain.

A root canal dentist in Toronto can rescue your smile

We’ll let you in on a secret. Dentists suffer tooth pain, too. We know all too well that smiling can be impossible when you’re dealing with intractable tooth pain. We also know that thanks to modern techniques and technology, root canal therapy can take away that pain and restore your natural smile.

We understand that the thought of dental procedures can be a source of anxiety for many people, even ones that will eliminate pain while being painless in themselves. If even this up to date information about root canals leaves you uncertain, contact a dental clinic in Toronto to discuss how we can help with dental anxiety and phobia. Our goal is simple — to eliminate tooth pain and rescue teeth as comfortably as possible.