What Are the Four Types of Permanent Dentures Available Right Now?

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what are the four types of permanent dentures available right now

Dentures are used to serve as a removable replacement for missing teeth and any surrounding tissues. There are four types of dentures:

  1. Complete dentures: Used when all your teeth are missing. These are made from plastic acrylic. The upper section features a plate covering the roof of your mouth, while the lower section is in a horseshoe shape that rests firmly on the gum and bone area.
  2. Partial dentures: These are put firmly in place as a partial fixture when some of your natural teeth remain. This denture solution can replace a single missing tooth or a set of teeth. A molded base with clasps fits around existing teeth in partial dentures. They’re easy to use and remove, often protecting other teeth from shifting.
  3. Denture Implants: Denture implants are designed to mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. They are titanium posts that are permanently attached to the jawbone and secured with replacement teeth cemented into the posts. You need a good amount of healthy bone in your jaw to sustain the implant, and an ideal candidate has good overall and oral health.
  4. Implant-Supported Partial Dentures: Denture implants can help patients already using partial dentures stabilize and secure their dentures, making them much more comfortable. This denture solution is often utilized for the lower jaw because normal dentures are less sturdy there.

To keep any supporting teeth from shifting their position, dentures near you would be used to replace your missing teeth. These are customized to fit comfortably and are easy to remove for cleaning purposes.

Modern-day dentures appear more natural than ever before. Without them, missing teeth will result in your facial muscles drooping and aging you prematurely. Artificial teeth assist with any chewing activities and formulate your words.

What Makes Complete Dentures So Useful?

These are put in place to provide full tooth replacement as it fills the entire arch of any missing teeth with a natural-looking appliance that looks lovely. To get it done, you may have to opt for tooth extraction by a dentist near you to open up space for the device.

Conventional dental plates are made once the teeth have been removed and the gum tissues start healing. These would be ready to fit after about 8 to 12 weeks once your natural teeth are extracted.

The oral appliance would be positioned over the gums and securely attached to your mouth using suction. Your dentist in Toronto would recommend removing them at night or when you need to clean them.

Partial Dentures are the Perfect Solution to Restore Your Smile

You may have a couple of missing teeth only, which you could quickly restore with the use of partial dentures to ensure a lovely smile. These would clasp to your neighboring teeth to help you chew, smile, and speak properly.

Artificial teeth are adhered to what appears to be a colored plastic base so they can look like your own gums. Should you have a permanent bridge fitted to replace more teeth, crowns are fixed to your teeth that border the space with false teeth, which are then cemented into place.

Implant-Supported Dentures – How Useful Are They as Permanent Dentures?

Besides complete and partial dentures in Toronto, the other option your dentist would suggest is implant-supported dentures. These are often made to help the lower jaw. Some patients would face a situation where they have no bottom teeth but strong enough jaw bone material to support implants.

Lately, implants have been favored over artificial teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone would be a suitable candidate for dental implants. It is best to speak to a dentist regarding the best option, or you can visit the best dentists in Toronto.

Should you like to learn more concerning your best option for the kind of permanent dentures that might be best suited to you, feel free to visit Bloor Lansdowne Dental Centre for more information.